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Today, patients want to have better vision and eliminate the use of glasses and contact lenses. They want to improve their quality of vision, especially at night and with regard to depth perception and contrast sensitivity. Lasik is one approach to achieve that. The Wavelight® Ex500 laser (pictured left), is engineered to consider the natural shape of the human eye, aiming to improve what nature originally designed.

The Wavefront Optimized™ treatment considers the unique curvature and biomechanics of the eye, preserving quality of vision and addressing the spherical distortions that can induce glare and may affect night vision.

Eye Laser SurgeryThe employment of the most technologically advanced equipment the world has to offer, ensures safety and accuracy in combination with outstanding visual results.

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The Journey that left American Music Producer,
Nate Butler, seeing new things!

Nate Butler is an American songwriter, music producer, vocal producer, and recording artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been a part of 45 plus million records sold worldwide at last count. Butler has worked with multi-platinum artists such as Luther Vandross, Victoria Beckham, Craig David, Backstreet Boys, 3LW, Christina Milian, Stacie Orrico, JoJo, Aaron Carter, The Cheetah Girls and others.

Nate heard about Visiomed from Paul Kershwill (in medical sup business) when he spoke about Visiomed and technology. Nate takes part in many show business tasks and his vision was not up to standard, he wore glasses as he could not see very far. When Nate was on stage, he struggled to see the monitors which helped him perform, this was a problem affecting his career. Nate did however love his glasses with regard to fashion, although he mentioned that when it comes to fashion, to be wearing the same pair of glasses all the time became a problem. If he wanted to get another pair of glasses he would have to spend thousands on different frames and styles. Nate always complained that he could not see the TV guide and his reading vision was blurry, he also had difficulty with driving. Nate found this very frustrating.

Nate then reached out to us and we concluded that Nate needed Lasik. He was reluctant at first as we wondered how a laser would feel directly onto his eye, but he was comforted by Paul Kershwill who helped to put him at ease. The first consultation was very emotional for Nate but he held it together because he was excited at the same time. He developed a great trust in the doctor and in Visiomed, even through all the trust, Nate still questioned if he would go blind after the procedure and his fear still remained, he mentioned that the drops where the worst part and what made it good was that he was not intimidated by the technology at all.

Theatre day had finally arrived unexpectedly and Nate had a bit of anxiety but he stayed positive and went through it. Nate’s experience was quite a journey for him, he mentioned that it was like watching a 3D movie with many lights, it looked like what he called a “light sensorium” and thought that was out of this world. The environment was pulsating and he felt in the moment. Nate did however mention that he went through a very wide variety of sensory experiences after seeing all of the lights, he also described smelling burnt hair. To Nate, time had passed very quickly as he thought of it as time to sleep as it was done late in the afternoon.

Nate found it difficult to find easy food to eat, but this did not last too long, by 5:30 the next morning he suddenly could see! It was quite an experience for Nate as he says that by habit he went back to wearing his glasses for a little while, but after he hot more comfortable, he took them off and saw what he could not see before. He put the TV on, he could suddenly see the menu, he could also see across the room now. Nate mentioned that he felt so much more value to his life!

Nate absolutely loved the Visiomed experience, he mentions that he felt at ease, the clinic was welcoming and looked great. He was impressed by the fact that Visiomed has a certain type of clientel and loved that everyone was conserved. The environment is genuine and reminded him of home because of the warmth and care that he experienced when being there. Nate is extrememly impressed at the fact the he received more vision than he expected.

Nate loved being in South Africa too! He mentions that there is a lot of ignorant people out there that do not know how good South Africa can be, he got a 3rd world expectation and received a 1st world experience at Visiomed, he mentioned that it is definitely about who is operating more that the technology that is being used. Nate will be back in May for a check up and he is certainly looking forward to it.

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