Eye Specialist

Eye Specialists

Eye SpecialistVisiomed has the right doctor for your specific needs. Our Resident Surgeons boast specialist expertise in both refractive, retinal, corneal, oculoplasty and general eye surgery. They also have an in depth knowledge of chronic eye conditions such as glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, diabetes conditions, chronic infectious conditions and more.

Our doctors constantly keep abreast with the latest world trends and technology by frequently attending congresses worldwide. We value you as patient and strive to maintain a very high level of ethics and professional conduct.

Our focus is on you.

Dr. Hein van Wyk
Dr. Jiten Mistry
Dr. Polla Roux
Dr. Helen de Jager
Dr. Daniel Kritzinger
Dr. Gareth Fernandes
Dr. Maria Nadj

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