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Epi-LASIK Eye Surgery


Epi-LASIK is a refractive Lasik Eye Surgery technique designed to reduce a person’s dependency on glasses and contact lenses. The technique is basically an automatic LASEK without alcohol.

Epi-LASIK is considered a better option for some patients who will probably not do very well with LASIK. These include people who have thin corneas, with not enough tissue for a good LASIK flap.

A device similar to a microkeratome (called epi-keratome) slides over the surface of the cornea, just underneath the epithelial layer of cells while suction is applied.

The this kind of Lasik Eye Surgery results is a hinged sheet of epithelium that is at least partially viable, which is reflected out of the way so that the ablation can take place.

The sheet is repositioned and a bandage soft contact lens is placed on the eye.

Have a look at the 5-step process below and the LASIK FAQ for more information.

Precision Laser Surgery

Step 1You will be placed onto a comfortable bed from where your laser surgery will be done. Anaesthetic drops will be instilled to numb your eye. A special ring will be placed into your eye to keep your eyelids apart. Epi-LASIK Eye Surgery
Step 2Your surgeon will create a corneal flap on the surface of your cornea. Corneal Flap
Step 3The ‘hinged’ corneal flap is carefully pulled back and a small area of your cornea is exposed. Corneal Flap Pulled Back
Step 4The Excimer laser beam is applied to reshape the exposed corneal area, removing certain parts of the tissue with high precision. This corrects your refractive error. Excimer Laser
Step 5The corneal flap is then pushed back into place. The flap forms a natural ‘bandage’ and enhances the healing process after surgery. Corneal Flap Natural Bandage
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