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Dr. Daniel J. Kritzinger

After 2002 Dr. Daniel Kritzinger, Doctor Michiel Kritzinger’s nephew, joined Visiomed. Dr. Kritzinger shares the same interests and has a practice in Bedfordview as well.

Dr. Kritzinger studied Medicine (MHChb) at the University of Stellenbosch and graduated in 1994. For the next two years, he worked at Conradie Hospital in Cape Town, first as an intern, then as a medical officer in general surgery and orthopaedics up until 1996.

In February 1997, he started working at the National Hospital in Bloemfontein as a registrar in die Department of Ophthalmology of the University of the Free State. After completing the final examination of the College of Ophthalmology (SA), he qualified as a fellow of the College in October 2000. He also received his M.Med (Ophth) degree from the University of the Free State cum laude.

Dr. Daniel J. Kritzinger went into private practice in 2001 in Johannesburg, and started his own practice in 2002. This practice is located at Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic. Dr. Kritzinger’s main fields of interest in Ophthalmology are cataract and corneal surgery as well as all other forms of refractive surgery such as Laser Eye surgery.

He is married to Martinette and enjoys spending every minute outside Ophthalmology with his family.

Dr. Fernandes

Dr Gareth Fernandes matriculated from the Edenvale High School in 1999. He graduated from the Wits Medical School in 2005. He obtained various prizes as the top student in pharmacology, medical genetics and physics during his training in the Wits Medical School. He did his Internship at the Pretoria Academic Hospital in 2006.

In 2007 he did his community service at the Kalafong Hospital in Family Medicine

In 2008 he commenced his Ophthalmology training as a Medical Officer at the St John’s Hospital and passed his primary exams for his Fellow of the College Ophthalmology in May that year. He completed his Diploma in the Ophthalmology exam in September 2009.

He commenced his training as registrar in 2010 and qualified as Ophthalmologist in January 2015, whereas he obtained the Justin van Selm Medal for being the top student in the FC Ophthalmology final exams for the College of Medicine of South Africa that year.

Dr Fernandes was invited to join the Visiomed team shortly after he qualified and has gone into practice with Dr Daniel Kritzinger in both his Bedfordview and Northcliff practices. He is well trained to deal with most general ophthalmic surgery and diseases like cataracts, common eye diseases, medical retinopathy and other, but has a special interest in neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus- and oculoplastic ophthalmology.


Jana de Beer is a 4 year old little girl who was born with two perfectly working eyes. An unforeseen incident to her right eye changed this in an instant.

On the 18th of December 2017, Corlé Harris our Optometrist was browsing on her Facebook page, when she came across the tragic story of Jana de Beer via an article written on the Child Medi Organization Facebook page. At that very moment her love for people took over and something wonderful happened:

Corlé immediately contacted the Organization and came into contact with Jana’s Grandmother Esmarie Venter, who explained the financial costs involved in restoring Jana’s vision in her right eye, which at this stage already had a dense traumatic cataract as well as iris damage. Due to the special circumstances of Jana’s case and this being a crucial time in her developmental years, our practice decided that as a team we will assist this little girl and restore her vision.

Under the umbrella of the Visiomed Eye Laser Centre, we would like to thank the following people who made Jana’s surgery possible:

  • Dr Daniel Kritzinger for giving us the opportunity to make a difference.
  • Dr Gareth Fernandes for Jana’s assessments, her cataract extraction surgery and iris repair, as well as post-operative follow ups.
  • Dr Linda Leonie for performing the general anaesthetic during Jana’s surgery.
  • Deon van Wyk and theatre staff for providing the theatre, equipment and assistance during her surgery.
  • Mel Groot and Ilze van der Westhuizen for assisting with the administrative duties and making this procedure a possibility.
  • Andrew Thompson from Ophtec providing us with the necessary intra ocular lens that was needed.
  • Corlé Harris thank you for always caring and having your patient’s best interest at heart.

Apart from the glue that was needed during Jana’s iris repair there were no cost to her surgery as well as her appointments with Dr Gareth Fernandes. When we stand as a team, we make the impossible possible, we change lives and we help where help is needed. Without this dream team the Jana’s surgery as well as management would not have been possible.

As Jana is still a toddler and has some growing to do she needed spectacles to correct the residual refractive power. The refractive strength of her spectacles will change as she grows and as the eye globe becomes larger.

Thank you to Henriette Louw at Specsavers Platinum Square that provided Jana’s first pair of spectacles.

Dr Fernandes will be monitoring Jana’s progress as it is needed. Thank you to Jana’s family for granting us the opportunity to help and assist Jana through this traumatic experience.

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