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Visiomed in the news

Stay up to date with some of the latest news and events from Visiomed Eye Clinic, including key announcements, press releases, innovations as well as developments in the eye care industry.

Visiomed In the News 2015

Visiomed is a key player in the Ophthalmological Industry when it comes to sharing knowledge on eye related issues. We provide ongoing education to Optometrists through lectures, visits in theatre, as well to the public, as our surgeons participate in live chat shows both on television and on radio.

Eye Awareness

Above: Visiomed serving the community for Eye Awareness Day.

Eye Matters

Above: Drs. Hein van Wyk and Daniel Kritzinger chatting to Noeleen from ‘3Talk with Noeleen’ on eye related matters and also tending to incoming calls from the public.

Visiomed Dr. Daniel Kritzinger on Cataract Surgery
Above: Katharine Lee Kruger from Radio
Today talking to Claudette Medefindt from Retina South Africa on Retinitis Pigmentosa
Above: Katharine Lee Kruger in conversation with Dr. Daniel Kritzinger on Cataract Surgery
Optometrist Visiomed Salvation Army Visiomed Previous Patient
An optometrist visiting us in theatre to view live surgery. The in-depth knowledge gained while viewing live surgery enables the optometrists to better toassist their patients emotionally and mentally who are in need of eye surgery. Louise van der Schyf (left), communications manager for Visiomed and Mr. Deon v Wyk (right), CEO of Visiomed with two members of The Salvation Army. Visiomed initiated a project “Care for the Caregivers” – part of our social responsibility programme. * One of our previous patients, Mr. Alan Wandry in conversation with Katharine Lee Kruger from Radio Today. Mr. Wandry shared his experience during and after cataract surgery to the listeners.
Dr. Hein van Wyk on 702Above: Dr. Hein van Wyk in live conversation with the public on the Radio 702 Saturday Breakfast Show.
Interview on Macular DegenerationDr. Hein van Wyk being Interviewed on DSTV
programme AFMAG on Macular Degeneration.
Paediatric Vision and the Early Detection of Childhood Eye Problems

Louise van der Schyf Interviewing Casha Meintjies (Eyetek Optometrists) on Radio Today on paediatric vision and the early detection of childhood eye problems

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