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Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic in Johannesburg has a tradition of world-class eye care in a friendly environment. Its well-established, loyal staff and management team runs the largest Private Refractive Hospital in South Africa – a dream initiated by its founder, the late Dr. Michiel Kritzinger, the ‘Father of Lasik’, who passed away in 2000.

Drs Michael Muller, Daniel Kritzinger and Hein van Wyk, all of whom subsequently took Visiomed to even higher levels of knowledge and expertise over the next twelve years, succeeded Dr Michiel Kritzinger. Their passion and dedication enhanced and expanded their skills, ensuring that Visiomed stayed at the forefront of medical innovation with the best eye surgeons.

When Dr Muller took early retirement in October 2014, Dr Polla Roux, previously a Professor in Ophthalmology at Pretoria Academic Hospital took over his practice. Working with the rest of the team, he now forms part of a ‘Senior Clinical Review Panel’ of eye surgeons. Their task is to constantly review the surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction of any other surgeons working under the Visiomed banner.

Retinal Detachment | Posterior Vitreous Detachment | Macular Edema and Membrane | Macular Hole

At Visiomed we offer a diverse range of treatments for eye conditions.

Retinal ProceduresWe make use of the best professionals and technology to ensure that you are well taken care of for the duration of your time spent with us.

If you would like to know more about any of these treatments please contact us or alternatively come in and gain a greater insight into our procedures by making use of the comprehensive information centre situated in Northcliff, Johannesburg.

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