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Implantable contact lenses (ICL)

What are implantable contact lenses (ICL)/Artisan

Implantable contact lenses (ICL) or Artisan surgery is one of the best alternatives to LasikHD surgery. An ICL corrects your vision much like a contact lens with the exception that it is permanent. The ICL/artisan surgery does not require regular maintenance and is undetectable to the wearer and onlookers. Thanks to the ophthalmologists at Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic, you can now enjoy clearer vision if LasikHD or PRK surgery is not right for you.

What eye problems does ICL surgery address?

The Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic ICL/Artisan surgery procedure will address nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Who are ideal ICL/Artisan candidates?

  • Patients not suitable for PRK or LasikHD.
  • Patients with more than 1.5 diopter astigmatism.
  • Patients suffering from nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Patients under the age of 40.

What is the difference between ICL/Artisan surgery and LasikHD surgery?

While LasikHD surgery is performed on the surface of your eye using a cool laser beam to permanently reshape the cornea, the Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)/Artisan procedure does not reshape your cornea. Instead, a synthetic lens is gently placed inside your eye where it functions just like a contact lens without the need to ever remove it. ICL/Artisan is designed to permanently correct your vision and the lens can be simply removed and/or replaced if necessary.

What benefits does ICL/Artisan surgery have over wearing traditional contact lenses?

  • Overall better quality vision is achieved.
  • Sharper, clearer and more vivid vision is evident.
  • Your vision will have greater depth and dimension than what glasses or contact lenses are able to provide.
  • No dryness, irritation or discomfort often associated with wearing contact lenses.
  • The procedure is suitable for mild to severe nearsightedness.

What are the benefits of ICL surgery at Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic?

  • Comfort
    ICL/Artisan offers the very best in implantable contact lens technology. Made to be biocompatible with the eye and therefore not seen as a foreign object to the body.
  • Protection
    The collamer material that makes up the ICL/Artisan contains a UV blocker that prevents harmful UVA and UVB rays from entering the eye. This can prevent future eye problems such as cataracts.

The ICL/artisan procedure comprises of five steps:

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5

Initial eye exam at Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic

A 90 minute consultation will determine whether you are a candidate for laser vision correction. Your ophthalmologist will perform various tests similar to a normal eye examination as well as a scan of the eyes to determine certain ICL related information.

During your consultation your ophthalmologist will:

  • Test your visual acuity and visual field (peripheral vision)
  • Measure your corneal thickness and topography (shape of the eye)
  • Read your previous eye prescription using your glasses’ lenses.
  • Exam your pupils for reactivity.
  • Evaluate the muscle function and dominance of your eyes.
  • Assess the health of eye using a pupil dilation and slit-lamp test.
  • Check for Glaucoma assessing your eyes pressure.
  • Inspect the health of your peripheral retina.
  • Assess your overall medical health.
  • Discuss your hobbies and occupation.

All of these factors will assist your ophthalmologist to determine whether you are a candidate for laser vision correction surgery and which procedure is best suited for you. Once completed, this assessment will determine your unique treatment at Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic.

Determining whether you are an ICL/Artisan candidate

Results from the initial eye examination will enable your doctor to suggest a treatment which is customised to your prescription, eye anatomy and personal needs. Patients not suitable for PRK or LasikHD find ICL a perfect alternative.

ICL/Artisan treatment is recommended for:

  • Patients with more than 1.5 diopter astigmatism.
  • Patients suffering from nearsightedness (myopia).
  • Patients under the age of 40.

Pre-operative consultation at Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic

2 weeks prior to your ICL/Artisan procedure, your ophthalmologist will schedule a YAG Peripheral Iridotomy which will prepare your eyes for the procedure. The pre-op procedure will prepare your eyes to receive the implantable collamer lens and takes only 1-2 minutes. Your daily activity will not be affected by this.

The ICL/Artisan procedure at Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic

The procedure is completed one eye at a time at 2 – 4 week intervals to allow for stabilisation. The procedure only takes 15min per eye.

Your surgeon will dilate your eye and create two microscopic openings at the edge of your cornea. The tightly folded collamer lens is then inserted into the slits, and unfolded on top of your natural lens. Your ophthalmologist will ensure that the lens is in its proper position.

2-3 hours after the procedure, you will be closely monitored for changes to eye pressure and any movement of the lens to ensure the procedure is successful.

Post-operative care

As with LasikHD, you will see immediate results and the recovery time is short. A week after the procedure your will be able to resume regular activities without any restrictions or glasses/contact lenses.

Your ophthalmologist will prescribe eye drops and antibiotics as well as give you a pair of protective glasses to wear at night.

Your Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic doctor will schedule a few routine post-op visits to ensure your treatment is a success and you are 100% satisfied.

Life after ICL/Artisan procedure

At Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic, your post-op care is very important to us. We therefore schedule visits with our ophthalmologists periodically after your treatment.

The first 24 hours after the ICL/Artisan procedure

  • The ophthalmologist will perform a post-op check-up and you will be given a pair of protective glasses which you will need to wear for several hours after the surgery.
  • Ensure you organise a driver home.
  • The artificial tears provided by your doctor will help ease any irritation you may experience after the ICL surgery.
  • If you experience any irritation it is important not to rub, poke or touch your eyes.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions on using your steroid and antibiotic eye drops.
  • Use this time to rest and relax.
  • Do not strain your eyes through reading, computer work or watching TV.

Two weeks after the ICL/Artisan procedure

  • Your vision will stabilise to its full potential after two weeks with an Implanted Collamer Lens in place.
  • After your initial ICL/Artisan is completed, the two-week point is typically when your ophthalmologist will complete the procedure on your other eye.

One Month after the ICL/Artisan procedure

  • One month from your initial ICL/Artisan procedure at Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic, both eyes will have undergone treatment and your body will be nearing completion of the healing process.
  • Vision stabilisation is complete. Your Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic team will perform a series of check-ups to ensure everything is progressing as expected before releasing you from care after around three months.

A few years after the ICL/Artisan procedure

  • With aging, you may develop cataracts which will need to be addressed by Visiomed Eye and Laser Clinic ophthalmologists.
  • The ICL/Artisan procedure causes no interference with the cataract removal procedures.
  • The ICL/Artisan is built to last a lifetime but can be removed in order for cataracts to be addressed.

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