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Visiomed represents the ‘cutting edge’ in eye laser procedures.

Our latest LASIK procedure is the Z-LASIK method, which uses the FEMTO LDV laser from Ziemer Ophthalmology.

Find out more about Z-LASIK HD here.

Laser Eye Procedure Since January 2014, a state of the art Excimer refractive surgery laser has been in service at Visiomed, allowing advanced refractive surgeons to further improve the surgery process.

One of the fastest lasers in the world, the Wavelight® Ex500 laser with PerfectPulse technology is the first treatment module that allows customization of corneal asphericity. What this means is that Visiomed ophthalmologists can optimize your vision in all ambient lighting conditions, especially low light conditions such as night driving.

The Wavelight® Ex500 has a tracking device that follows the movement of your eye during the laser procedure. This enables the laser to perform accurate refractive changes on your cornea and thereby ensuring accuracy and safety.

Read more about our Technology.

Are you a candidate for LASIK? Read our FAQ.

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